Tabby Cat Long Hair

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tabby cat long hair

tabby cat long hairTabby cats look interesting. How could they not? Their striped coat reminds us of wild felines, especially with the trademark “M” pattern on their forehead. Tabby cat, however, is not a breed. Rather, tabby refers to the coat. There are tabby cats with short hair, There are tabby cats with long hair. Here, we will talk about tabby cat long hair.

What Is Tabby Exactly?

Before we get to tabby cat long hair, let’s talk about what tabby is first. So, what is a tabby cat? The first thing to know is that it is not a breed. That’s right. As we said in the beginning, the tabby here refers to the coat. It is a coat type. Tabbies are cats that have brown fur with black stripes. One of the most distinguishing features they have is their M-shaped marking on their forehead.

Because tabby cats can be found across breeds, there is no single unified coat and pattern. Many tabbies have a light-brown coat with black stripes, although not all tabbies are like this. Tabbies, however, do give a wild feline vibe due to their coat colors and patterns. The length of their hair also varies as well, as we can find a tabby cat with long hair and short hair.

Long Haired Tabby Cat Breeds

  • Maine Coon

This breed of tabby cat long hair is covered in a striking coat of hair. Yes, including even their feet. The main function of their coat is to withstand stand weather, which is why there is so much fur in a Maine Coon cat. The cat is large in size as the adult males can grow up to 18 pounds.

  • Domestic Longhair

The Domestic Longhair can be considered as the mutt in the cat breeding world. The reason is that this long-haired breed has no traceable breeding lineage. As the breed doesn’t have a clear lineage, it is not a surprise that it comes with lots of color variations. The Domestic Longhair is a medium-sized feline.

  • American Longhair

The American Longhair is a regal cat breed as it comes from a lineage of champion cat breeding lines. The breed is small in size and has a lot of color varieties, including tabby ones.

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While their health is not particularly an issue, their coat is. They, after all, have long hairs that require more maintenance than short hairs. For example, a tabby cat with long hair is more likely to get fleas as well as other bugs. Because of their long coat, it may take more time before the fleas can be noticed. Another issue due to the long coat is hairball, which we will talk about in the next section.


If you own a tabby cat with long hair, you must be prepared to groom it regularly. After all, when it comes to grooming a cat, the more hair it has the more grooming needs to be done. Keeping the coat clean and tangle-free is important because a cat’s coat protects them from the weather, provide them with sensory information, and help produce essential nutrients. That’s how important the coat is for a cat.

If you are adopting a kitten, help it to get used to getting groomed. Brush it gently and slowly. Pet and talk with your cat as you groom it. Grooming, when done properly, can be a great time to bond. It should be an activity that keeps your cat healthy and happy.


When you own a cat, hairballs are something to be concerned about, even more so if you own a long-haired cat. After all, long-haired cats usually have twice as much hair as short-haired ones. In and of itself, hairballs are not something you need to be concerned about. However, it can be a symptom of something such as skin irritation, motility disorder, or other diseases.

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A healthy cat should not cough up a hairball frequently. One hairball in a week is normal. More than that, there may be something causing it. If your cat coughs up more hairballs within a 24-hour period, please contact your veterinarian so you can know what the underlying issue causing hairballs is.


As you can see, tabby cats can have long hair, too. Despite the long hair, they still give a wildcat vibe thanks to their coat. Compared to their short-haired counterparts, long-haired tabby cats look more elegant. So, what do you think about tabby cat long hair? Are you interested in adopting one yourself?

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