Sound Proof Fencing Ireland

Sound Proof Fencing Ireland

Acoustic fencing reduces noise entering a property it is a certified product to CE standards.
Manufacture and Installation of timber boundary fences and wooden barriers for domestic,. traded previously as Buffalo Structures Ireland Ltd. which itself was formed in 2001 to manufacture a range of acoustic barriers and fencing products.
Manufacture and Installation of timber boundary fences and wooden barriers for domestic, industrial,. Woodfab supply through Ireland.. Over 23 years ago a Buffalo acoustic barrier was erected on the M4 in the UK (shown top right) .
In densly populated areas our acoustic fencing range can reduce noise traveling from roads, industial parks, railway lines by up to 30 Db.
Jakoustic Absorptive acoustic fencing incorporates an absorptive layer on one side of the panel made up of a protective membrane. Ideal for applications where .
We offer Acoustic Barriers as a solution to noise control issues in certain spaces eg used in industrial application to reduce noise and along motorways.
Block Your Backyard Noise With a Noise Reduction Fence. Exterior noise and sound can be quite irritating, whether in a residential or commercial area.
A timber fencing system designed to reduce road noise pollution from busy road networks. The NK Acoustic Barrier – Type A, absorbs noise from the source .
MOTORWAYCARE is the leading supplier of quality Noise Barrier Systems in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK, for noise control.

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