Pressure Wash Wood Fence

Pressure Wash Wood Fence

To avoid damaging the pump, don't run the power washer without first filling the pump and hoses with water. To do this, attach both hoses (Photo 1), snap in a 25-degree tip, turn on the garden hose spigot and hold down the trigger on the wand until water squirts out.
Cleaning and Reviving a Wood Fence. Clean With Detergent. Work in sections. Start from one end of your fence and wet the first section of fencing. Rinse With a Pressure Washer. Use a low-medium pressure spray pattern when rinsing the detergent. Apply Paint or Sealant. After pressure washing your fence, let it dry for.
Cleaning with a Pressure Washer. Apply a wood cleaner formulated for pressure washers using a low-pressure soap nozzle. Apply the detergent from bottom to top. Use a utility brush to scrub the solution in tight corners and between deck balusters.
Whether you're pressure washing your wood siding, your wood deck, or maybe your wood fencing in your.

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