How To Tighten Barbed Wire Fence

How To Tighten Barbed Wire Fence

Any wire fence can be tricky to tighten, but a barbed wire fence is not only tricky to tighten, its barbs can hurt you if you're not careful. To tighten your barbed wire .
WireTight is a uniquely effective barbed wire tightener that weights 3 lbs and is only 17 inches long. The WireTight design allows 6 inches of slack to be taken up .
NE Ohio, Sounds simple and I am a little embarrassed to ask but how do you tighten five strand barb wire? We have high tinsel barb wire and .
Proper wire stretching and fence installation.. Use a rope fence puller to remove most of the slack in the fence wire.. Be careful not to over tighten the wire.
Here are some barbed wire installation tips and tricks to help your fencing project go smoothly, but don't forget. Over-tightening will cause stress and breakage.

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