How To Remove Chain Link Fence Post From Concrete

How To Remove Chain Link Fence Post From Concrete

Clip the metal rings or strips holding the chain link to the posts and roll up the fencing. Lift off the top rail and caps. Dig down along the side of the concrete until .
Chain link fencing is attached to a series of metal posts and rails with wire fence. circle around the base of each fence post until you locate the concrete, if any, .
You must remove the fence, posts and chain link gate before installing a. Soak the earth around each fence post hole with water to loose the concrete bases.
The metal in each link should be ¼ or more in diameter. Loop the. Once they've been raised enough, lower the jack, loosen the chain and lift out the post. Repeat. You will eventually remove most of the concrete from the steel fence posts.
Best way to get rid of an old chainlink fence and its metal posts.. the posts is another story, because each one is embedded in a posthole filled with concrete.

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