How To Put Up Electric Fence For Sheep

How To Put Up Electric Fence For Sheep

Materials for adequate 4-wire electric fencing for sheep will cost around half that of a woven wire fence. Time demands for installation are also considerably less.
Our range of electric fencing for sheep includes strip grazing systems, products. Seven strand flexible galvanised wire or 9 strand polywire create secure and .
Electric fencing is more economical than standard barbed wire or hog wire fencing. Electric fencing also allows for temporary fencing to subdivide pastures .
Suitable perimeter fences for sheep are multi-strand, high-tensile, electric fences and woven wire fences with electric offset wires and barbed wires at the top .
Permanent Sheep/Goat 5-Wire Fence Specs:​. # of Wires: 5. Fence Height: 36". Line Post: Fiberglass Rod Post. Spacing: 45' – 90'. Line Stay: Fiberglass Rod .

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