How To Pull Chain Link Fence Posts

How To Pull Chain Link Fence Posts

Pull the tension bar into the tension bands on the end post by hand, and then tighten the bolts on the bands with a socket wrench. Release the fence puller and remove the pull bar to which it was attached. Repeat the entire hanging and stretching process along the remaining sides of the fence.
You must remove the fence, posts and chain link gate before installing a privacy hedge or wood slat fence. These directions will guide you in the safe and .
If you are planning to make your landscape fence-free or want to put in a fence more stylish than your current chain link, removing the posts can be a problem .
Chain link fencing is attached to a series of metal posts and rails with wire. in the soil against the chain link fence and pull back on the handle to remove the .
If you remove the string to excavate holes, take care to restretch the string line back. . For chain link fences, terminal posts, i.e. end posts, corner posts, and gate .

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