Electric Fence Posts For Rabbits

Electric Fence Posts For Rabbits

A fence using 4 lines of tensioned wire can be used to stop rabbits entering you garden etc. The wire is supported by special tread-in posts or Insulators .
If you are serious about your gardening or just want to keep rabbits out of your yard, then electric rabbit fencing is the perfect solution for you! Traditional rabbit .
Rabbit Fencing advice section to give you help on how to fence rabbits most effectively including advice on which electric fence energiser, wire and posts to use.
Get expert advice & the ideal fence solution for deterring rabbits, from. Length: 50 metres; Height: 65 cm; Colour: red or green; Includes: 15 posts with single or .
. with keeping rabbits all year round in a pen made of electric net fencing?. Mark post as helpful; send pies; Quote; Report post to moderator.
Electric fencing for rabbits can be done using specifically manufactured rabbit. The netting is normally only 50-80cm tall and is pre-fitted with mounting posts.
Post & Twine / Wire Electric Fence We've used this type of system as a permanent fence before for football training pitches that were inundated with rabbits.

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