Easiest Way To Remove Chain Link Fence Posts

Easiest Way To Remove Chain Link Fence Posts

Part 3. Removing the Top Rail and Fence Posts. Remove the top rail. Pull of the post caps. Dig down to expose the concrete. Soak the ground around the fence post. Attempt to remove the post and concrete intact. Pull out the post with heavy equipment. Attempt to loosen the fence post. Cut the fence post as a last resort.
You must remove the fence, posts and chain link gate before installing a privacy hedge or wood slat fence. These directions will guide you in the safe and .
Best way to get rid of an old chainlink fence and its metal posts.. Line posts are easier to take out because they're in shallower holes. Start by trying to loosen .
If you are planning to make your landscape fence-free or want to put in a fence more stylish than your current chain link, removing the posts can be a problem .
Chain link fencing is attached to a series of metal posts and rails with wire. Remove the bolts that attach the gate post hinges and gate frame hinges to. concrete away from the posts with a sledge hammer to make the posts easier to handle.

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