Cat Breeds Ocicat

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Cat Breeds Ocicat. 3 best cat breeders in hawaii! This fantastic cat is capable of walking on a leash, playing fetch, and learning tricks and commands that are typically associated with dogs rather than cats.

Ocicat cat, Cat Breeds informationOcicat cat, Cat Breeds information
Ocicat cat, Cat Breeds information from

The ocicat was created through crosses between siamese, abyssinian and american shorthair cats. The ocicat is a highly active cat. The ocicat gets its cheerful, outgoing personality from the breeds that formed its foundation, namely siamese and abyssinian.

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The Ocicat Is An Outgoing And Affectionate Breed, And They Like Plenty Of Interaction With Their Families.

Although we have never felt the need to show our cats we are one of the largest ocicat breeders. As its dna history (remember its ancestors include siamese, abyssinian and american shorthair cats) would suggest, the ocicat comes in many colors, the spots can include variations on blue, chocolate, cinnamon, fawn, lavender and tawny on a lighter background color which can be silver. Active families home most of the time.

The Ocicat Might Look Like A Wild Cat, But In Personality, They’re Anything But!

These exotic looking cats are actually not exotic at all as they are 100% pure domestic cats. The ocicat gets its cheerful, outgoing personality from the breeds that formed its foundation, namely siamese and abyssinian. Generally, however, it is true that females in the same litter are smaller than males, something not uncommon to domestic cat breeds.

This Fantastic Cat Is Capable Of Walking On A Leash, Playing Fetch, And Learning Tricks And Commands That Are Typically Associated With Dogs Rather Than Cats.

As the story goes, in 1964 there was a breeder named virginia daly who crossed a ruddy abyssinian and a seal point siamese. Similar to breeds such as the toyger or the bombay, the ocicat was bred to mimic the appearance of a large wild cat, but without a drop of wild dna in the cat’s makeup. Despite its appearance, ocicats are completely domestic, social, and playful.

The Ocicat Is Both Athletic And Graceful.

We have all of the information you need to know about ocicat breeders including website url, contact information, facebook page, memberships to associations, and more. Ocicat for sale,the ocicat was an exciting, exotic development. A seal point siamese and a usual abyssinian were mated in an attempt by virginia daly of the dalai cattery in america to produce an abyssinian pointed siamese.

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A fascinating fact we uncovered about this breed is that it was created by crossing abyssinian and siamese cats and then later adding the american shorthair to the mix. If you’re looking for a list of ocicat cat names, you’ve come to the right place. A collection cat ocicat breed breeds wild which cats kittens the ocicat cat cat breeds background hd from to use as a home screen smartphone.

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