Cat Breeds Nebelung

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Cat Breeds Nebelung. The nebelung cat’s tail should be long and graceful, with elegant plumage. This elegant and affectionate cat truly appreciates the company of humans.

Nebelung Cat Breed Profile CatWorldNebelung Cat Breed Profile CatWorld
Nebelung Cat Breed Profile CatWorld from

The nebelung cat breed was developed by cora cobb of the nebelheim cattery. They are also known for their longevity. Nebelungs are very sociable cats and are known for their quiet disposition and relaxed, mellow nature.

A Nebelung Cat’s Body Should Be Long And Lean, Yet.

They are a variety of russian blue. Nebelung cats have intense eyes, pointed ears and a silvery blue coat. Often referred to as the “longhaired russian blue,” the nebelung cat does share some similarities—and genes—with the breed, but has its own distinguishing features, most notably its silky fur coat.

However, They Are Genetically A Separate Breed.

Despite loving family life, they prefer calmness. Today, acfa, cff, tica, and the world cat federation recognize the nebelung cat breed. Yup this means that nebelungs can really live a long time, even up to 20 years.

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These Cats Are Graceful And Highly Intelligent And Get Along Well With Everyone In The Family.

History and background the story of the nebelung breed began in the early 1980s when cora cobb, a computer programmer, gave a black domestic shorthair named elsa to her son as a gift. Meet adonis, a nebelung & domestic medium hair mix cat for adoption, at humane society of statesboro & bulloch county in statesboro, ga on petfinder. Compared to most other cat breeds, which are typically hundreds or even thousands of years old, the nebelung cat breed is quite new—first appearing in the 1980s.

This Elegant And Affectionate Cat Truly Appreciates The Company Of Humans.

This rare breed is can only be found in a handful of countries including russia, usa, canada poland, germany and the netherlands. This means they are considered a healthy overall. Nebelung cat breed personality the nebelung’s long blue coat is striking, but what made cobb and so many others fall in love with the breed is its personality.

The Nebelung Cat Is A Rare Gem In The World Of Feline Breeds And Is Quite Stunning At First Sight.

The nebelung is a very new pedigree cat with a charming personality and stunning looks. The nebelung is a new breed of cat originating in the usa. The nebelung breed (or niebelung according to the world cat federation) was developed in the 1980s.

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