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Tortoiseshell Cat Name

Having a turtoiseshell can bring the luck, do you believe it? Here are the tortoiseshell cat name and the facts that may surprised you.

With multicolor, tortoiseshell is a cat that is attractive and coveted by many people. Unlike other cats, the tortoiseshell has 3 colors on its coat and is a rare cat in the world. Various unique facts are also hidden behind it. Here are the tortoiseshell cat name and facts you should know.

Tortoiseshell Cat Facts

  1. It’s a folklore cat

In many cultures, tortoiseshell has many mythologies which are believed to bring good luck. If someone keeps this cat at home, then luck will come to him. The British used to believe that the tail would heal a sick person when rubbing it. Meanwhile, for Japanese fisherman, tortoiseshell is believed to protect the ship from storms and high waves.

  1. It’s not a breed

This cat does not belong to any breed. Tortoiseshell is its nickname because of its black, red and orange colors. It’s rare in any breed to have a multicolor like this, so the tortoiseshell is a unique cat. This tortoiseshell cat facts can occur in any breed such as British Shorthair, Persian, American Shorthair, etc.

  1. Either mosaic or chimera

The cat’s multicolor consists of two categories, namely mosaics and chimeras. Mosaic is the colors mixed randomly on the body parts. In contrast to the chimera which shows a color difference of half of its body. For example the left body is black and orange, while the right body is red and orange. The chimera one is reraly found, meanwhile another one is mostly happened in tortoiseshell.

  1. Lifespan

Tortoseshells occur in many breeds, so their lifespan depends on the breed they are derived from. The oldest tortoiseshell cat ever lived to be 21 years. The tortoiseshell cat name is Mirzapan. The cat comes from Australia and is a female breed. While male tortoiseshells generally do not have a long life or are born with certain genetic disorders and diseases.

  1. Mostly female

It’s rare to find a tortoiseshell as a male cat. The ratio is about 1 in 3000 tortoiseshells, so some people make it a lucky folklore. In fact, female cats are indeed carriers of the X chromosome, which is black. Unfortunately, male cats often carry genetic diseases or disorders. Male tortoiseshell lifespan is also very short due to this disease.

Tortoiseshell Cat Personality

  1. Independent

This cat is known to be independent. It doesn’t ask for much attention. If you set up a corner, it is more than happy to play alone. But if taught routines such as welcoming when the owner comes home or when you wake up, tortoiseshell will be happy to do it. It is not much different from other domestic cats.

  1. Vocal

This cat is very vocal, especially when asking for something. Sometimes it just “meow” to ask the owner’s attention. When hungry or bored, its voice can be shrill and it’s time you paid attention to him. Not only “meow”, sometime it is hissing and purring. This behavior is similar to most cats in general.

  1. Calm

Despite being vocal as an epic tortoiseshell cat personality, it is a quiet cat. It doesn’t explore much like a male cat. It mostly stays in his favorite place so he won’t drop the things you have. Unless the tortoiseshell has a kitten, she doesn’t hesitate to fight if someone disturbs her children. So, dom’t mess with her at the first place. Or when you call their tortoiseshell cat name, it will meow to you.

  1. Tortitude

Tortitude is the nickname for this one cat. Even though it doesn’t have any difference from other domestic cats, tortoiseshell tends to have a diva-like character. He sleeps, sits and plays gracefully. This cat is also possessive with his owner and is often vocal when he is jealous.

Tortoiseshell Cat Name


Amber                Autumn              Annie                  Arnold                Auburn               Arielle


Bella                    Blossoms            Bubbles              Beth                    Blaze                   Breeze


Cookie                Connie                Chloe                  Caramel              Carla                   cinnamon

Copper               Clementine        Carrot                 Celine


Ditsy                    Delia                    Denise                Dan


Emma                 Emily                   Eunice


Florence             Fiorella               Fiona


Ginger                 George                Gary


Honey                 Hollie                  Hellen                 Harper                Hazel


Iris                       Isabel


Jasper                 Jenny                  Judy                     Jasmine              Jelly


Lily                       Lottie                   Leopard              Lynx                     Ladybug


Mocha                Matisse               Marble                Mary                   Mollie


Penni                   Poppy                 Papaya                Pumpkin             Polly

Pebble                Pixel                    Paisley


Ruby                    Rusty                   Rain                     Regina                 Rielle


Salsa                    Sarah                  Sophie                Speckle               Sprinkle

Sacrlette             Sienna                 Sapphire             Sunny                  Sandy


Tessa                   Trinity                 Ten                      Tricia                   Trixie

The various tortoiseshell cat name above can be used as inspiration for you to name your cat. The unique name is perfect for a cat with this multicolor. This cat with another name tortie is considered to be lucky. Besides their gorgeous colors, loving them includes their wild personality is no exception.

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