How To Paint A Metal Fence

How To Paint A Metal Fence

Oil, grime, and the mineral spirits you've just used can inhibit certain metal paint, so it's always necessary to wash the fence prior to applying primer and paint to it. Fill a bucket with hot water and soap. Soak a rag or a scrubbing brush and thoroughly scrub all the nooks and crannies of the fence.
Steps. Prepare to remove the rust from the wrought iron fence. Take a durable steel brush, steel wool, or high grit sandpaper and start removing the rust. Wash the fence with mineral spirits. Rinse with water. Prime the fence. Let the primer dry. Make sure you have a paint that is strictly for metal surfaces. Paint the.
How to Prepare a Wrought Iron Fence for Painting. Decorative wrought iron fences are beautiful and sturdy, and can add an air of elegance to your home or .
Chain link fences are typically silver-colored galvanized steel.. Don't be tempted to spray paint the fence, because you will lose a lot of paint to overspray..
Repainting an old chain-link fence can revitalize the look of your yard and prolong the life of your fence. Because most chain-link fences are made of galvanized .
Remove the old paint. Before you start, make sure you put down a drop sheet and wear a dust mask and gloves. Spray paint the metal with primer. After you have removed all of the flaky paint, you are ready to paint. Use a brush to paint your metal. Apply the second coat.

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