How To Install Chain Link Fence Post On Concrete

How To Install Chain Link Fence Post On Concrete

To attach fence posts to concrete you have two options. The first is to cut through the concrete using a saw or core driller. The second option is to weld mounting brackets to the bottom of the posts. Then, sink anchors into the cement pad and screw the brackets into these anchors.
If you decide to install your chain link fence without concrete, use a post-hole digger to make a hole deep enough to bury the posts at least two feet, or about 1/3rd of the height. Never pound the posts into the ground, especially if you have hard clay or rocky soil, because you'll bend the tops.
Objective: By mastering this lesson, you will be able to set chain link fence. If you fail to do this, you will find your self chiseling the cement from the posts. . Setting posts generally posses the greatest safety obstacles in the fence installation .

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