When To Stain A Cedar Fence

When To Stain A Cedar Fence

How To Stain A Cedar Fence · A cedar fence is an attractive option for any home. In order for it to retain its beauty, it needs to be cared for and protected from the .
A newly installed fence with the beauty of natural cedar adds value to your property.. its look, and once an older fence has been cleaned, stain can help bring .
If the weather is still dry, begin staining your clean fence. Using the pad, brush or roller, dip it into the wood stain then apply it to your fence in an event coat, working your way from one fence board to the next. Focus on painting from the top of the fence to the bottom to prevent uneven dripping.
Allow the stained cedar fence to rest and dry between coats. Read the label on your can of stain for its recommended drying times. Check the stain is touch dry before you apply another coat. Store brushes in a sealed plastic bag and wrap rollers in plastic to avoid having to clean them between coats.
But without proper maintenance, the beautiful natural look of the cedar will take on a faded gray appearance. Staining a new cedar fence can help preserve its .
When you decide to stain your cedar fence you naturally wantto look its best, require little maintenance and give you a color that you can live with.
Just had smooth cedar fence installed. Do not like the silver aged look and plan to stain. Was told that I should wait at least 1 year before .

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