When Can You Stain A New Cedar Fence

When Can You Stain A New Cedar Fence

Staining your deck, gazebo, or fence is a lot easier than you think – provided you follow the right steps. With this simple How To Stain Wood guide you're going .
Depending on the weather, you may have to wait a few days after cleaning your fence for the wood to dry. Use a moisture meter to determine how dry your fence is before applying any stain. Moisture content of wood should be less than 12%.
Whatever type of stain you choose, using the right method means you apply it correctly so that it lasts as long as possible. Picking the Right Time. If you're hoping to stain a wood fence you've just built, wait at least three weeks. Choosing the Tools. Preparing the Fence. Applying the Stain.
Staining a new fence can help preserve its look, and once an older fence. When selecting a stain for cedar, choose one that's oil-based and semitransparent.
Air-dried Western Red Cedar, from the yard, assuming you're not going to semi- or solid stain, can be stained with 2-in-1 semi-clear about a .
But without proper maintenance, the beautiful natural look of the cedar will take on a faded gray appearance. Staining a new cedar fence can help preserve its .

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