How To Dig A Fence Post

How To Dig A Fence Post

Digging the Post Holes. Begin digging by holding the post hole diggers by the handles, one in each hand, with the handles close together. Thrust the blades into the earth so they cut a plug out of the soil (and turf, if there is any present).
How to Dig a Hole: Pro Tips. Step 1: String your line and pound the stakes. Step 2: Carve out a soil divot with a spade. Step 3: Loosen earth with a tile shovel. Step 4: Use your clamshell digger. Step 5: Use a reciprocating saw on large roots. Step 6: Dislodge rocks with a digging bar. Step 7: Tamp the soil with the.
The most difficult task in building a fence is digging the holes for the posts. This can be backbreaking labor. A typical post will be 4 feet by 4 feet and 8 feet high.
Putting a fence post in perfectly is challenging. Follow this advice and you won't have to go digging up a wonky fence and starting again.
Before digging the holes for concrete or gravel footing, set the line. Put stakes in the ground where the corner posts will go. Run a taut string between the two stakes for each side of the fence. Use a measuring tape to measure regular intervals where the fence posts will go.

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