How To Build A Goat Fence

How To Build A Goat Fence

Keeping your goats in with the perfect goat fencing shouldn't be a headache. We share our tips, experiences and the basics of keeping your goats happy.
Ask a seasoned goat farmer about fencing and the conversation likely will go something like this: “Put together something that will hold convicts: 8-feet tall, .
Learn the best options when it comes to goat fencing so that you can keep your goats safe. Moral of the story- build good goat fences from the very beginning!
building new fences for goats. Goat fencing. Agfact A7.2.1, third edition 2003. Roger Lund, Senior Technical Officer,. (Engineering) Division of Plant Industries.
This page explains how to build a goat-proof fence.

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