Best Way To Paint A Fence With A Brush

Best Way To Paint A Fence With A Brush

Apply the paint to your metal fence. If using a sprayer or spray can, spray downwind and wear a respirator. Keep a brush handy to clean up drips. Even if you opt for a sprayer or a roller, it's important to keep a brush in arms reach. This will allow you to do any touch-up work that needs to be done right away.
Use the timber brush or roller to apply a thick, even coating along the grain of the timber. Apply brush strokes in the same direction as the grain and be careful not to spread the paint too far. Avoid runs or drips by not overloading the brush or roller with paint and work it in well.
It's best to apply a layer of primer first, and then to let that fully dry out. It'll improve the finish. Then apply the paint itself. If you're using a brush and your fence .
Wood that's hot can cause the paint solvent to evaporate quickly, resulting in cracks. Use a counter brush to remove any dust, cobwebs or debris from the wood .
The summer months are the best time to do this, as it's dry and will allow the paint to. Next use a large brush to paint the fence panels with your selected colour; .
How to Paint a Wood Fence the Easiest. I also didn't want to sit out there with a paint brush, so I decided to use a paint sprayer for the first time in my life.

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