When To Stain A New Cedar Fence

When To Stain A New Cedar Fence

Just had smooth cedar fence installed. Do not like the silver aged look and plan to stain. Was told that I should wait at least 1 year before .
Allow the stained cedar fence to rest and dry between coats. Read the label on your can of stain for its recommended drying times. Check the stain is touch dry before you apply another coat. Store brushes in a sealed plastic bag and wrap rollers in plastic to avoid having to clean them between coats.
Staining your deck, gazebo, or fence is a lot easier than you think – provided you follow the right steps. With this simple How To Stain Wood guide you're going .
Apply the stain to hard-to-get-to areas with a paintbrush. Continue the process for the length of the fence, and then allow the fence to dry for 24 hours. Use the same technique to apply a second coat. Depending on the product brand, it may take up to 72 hours for the stain to completely dry.
In general, fence stains get categorized as either semi-transparent, penetrating. . the new wood time to open its pores so your stain sinks in more effectively.
But without proper maintenance, the beautiful natural look of the cedar will take on a faded gray appearance. Staining a new cedar fence can help preserve its .

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