What Cat Breeds Are The Most Affectionate

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What Cat Breeds Are The Most Affectionate. The 5 most affectionate cat breeds. The 6 cat breeds most likely to show you affection are:

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Reader's Digest CanadaMost Affectionate Cat Breeds Reader's Digest Canada
Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Reader's Digest Canada from www.readersdigest.ca

Originally from thailand, burmese cats are widely thought to be the most affectionate cat breed. The ragamuffins are some of the most friendly and lovable cats. Maine coon recognizable by their large size and tufted paws and ears, maine coons are known as the gentle giants of the cat fancy, according to the cfa.

A Silver Spotted Exotic Shorthair Cat Sitting In The Garden.

Among the most loving cat breeds, the ragdolls are at the top. If you do, make sure to let us know by commenting down below (and sending us a picture of your cat on instagram @thecat_blog!) The devon rex may have an independent side but it as much thrives on human contact.

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And Like Labradors, Burmese Are Highly Social And Love To.

Bred by combining the american shorthair and the burmese, the bombay is a loyal, affectionate cat with a knack for finding you wherever you are. Ragdolls are also very affectionate, making for great lap cats, and will probably follow you around, waiting for you to settle so they can snuggle. Abyssinian abyssinian cats are known for their curiosity and inquisitiveness.

He Loves Being At Home And Has A Very Sensitive Character.

We’d love to know if you have any of these cat breeds and if they’re as affectionate as people say they are. They love to explore, climb, and grab hold of things that. Getty images) originating in california in the 1960s, the ragdoll is the epitome of the laidback lap cat.

These Cats Have Big Personalities And A Constant Need For Attention, According To Pet Md, So It's Not Uncommon.

They will follow you around the house and sit next to you, offering companionship, but they will not vocalize in any noisy or weird way. They will play fetch, and come when you call them, so they aren't just couch potatoes! In fact, many cats are highly social and enjoy spending.

The Top 15 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds.

Here are 10 of the friendliest cat breeds: And despite their high price tag, they top the popularity list of cats. According to vet street, their striking looks come from mixing a sable burmese with a black american shorthair, while rover.com points out that bombay cats are the same breed as burmese, but with all black coats and both are some of the most loving cats around.

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