Vinyl Fence Post Installation

Vinyl Fence Post Installation

Setting Posts for Your Fence. After the gravel is added, fill the hole with concrete. Tap the hollow post into the concrete so the concrete fills the center portion of the post in the hole. Install end and corner main posts first.
Insert the end/gate post in the first hole and steady it with dirt or gravel, and square and level it. Insert and steady the second post. Tape the ends of the rails that will fit into the end/gate post (only gate/end post are filled w/concrete). Install the bottom, middle (if applicable), and top rails, then pickets.
It is a maintenance-free option that does not weather like wood fencing does. To install vinyl fencing, you need only attach pre-made fence sections to posts..
If you are installing a new fence know that most vinyl fence manufacturers recommend installing the hollow post with a wood or metal insert to add stability.
Stretch a string line tightly along the proposed fence run, locate the corner posts and dig 3-ft.-deep postholes. Plumb the posts and fill the holes with concrete. Start by picking up a fence permit application from the local building inspections department, along with local fence regulations.
Installation. Phoenix manufactures Vinyl Fence systems one of two proven methods of installation; “Post Mounting” (the industry standard and preferred choice of .
Vinyl fence systems are a snap to install using these instructions from. Because vinyl fence systems use panels that lock into place, installing them is literally a .

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