The Fact of Cat Litter and Pregnancy

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The myth about the existence of a cat pet that can hinder a woman’s pregnancy has become a thing that has been discussed for a long time. The fact is that cat letter and pregnancy have a scientific relationship so that the truth can be justified.

These two things are related because pregnant women can spread toxoplasmosis, a rare disease that can be transmitted to babies, so that it can thwart pregnancy, and make the baby disabled. This disease results from direct contact with cat litter, and a simple solution to minimizing this is to keep the cat outside.

How is Toxoplasma spread?

Cats are animals that will do anything in the house. The way to identify whether a cat is infected or not can be seen from the feces, this is because feces is a source of viruses that can transmit this rare disease.

You have to really keep the water clean, because toxoplasma is able to spread through water. This parasite is also capable of living in plants, so that it can enter the human bloodstream, and survive in its organs. So, you have to be careful if you like to eat raw meat and raise cats at home. This is the reason why you should be careful about cat letter and pregnancy.

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Other Facts about Pregnancy and Cat Litters

  1. Raw Food and Untreated Garden

Researchers claim that the presence of cats may not be the core cause of failure in pregnancy. However, it was Toxoplasma that harmed him. In fact, there are researchers who say that people infected with Toxoplasma usually consume raw food.

Food that comes from untreated gardens can be also the reason. So if you are pregnant avoid raw food and some types of vegetables that come from untreated gardens. Make sure to always clean food before eating it.

  1. There are Animals that can Transmit Toxoplasma other than Cat Litter

Cats are animals that can eat all kinds of food, including raw meat. However, if you pay attention, there will be a lot of animals that can eat raw meat, including rats and birds. It turns out that the two animals can also be affected by this rare disease.

Another cause of animals is soil that has been contaminated by toxoplasma. This makes you have to clean the environment extra if there are animals in your environment. All of this is done to keep the environment healthy and clean. A healthy and clean environment can certainly facilitate your womb.

  1. Understanding Toxoplasma Without Hoaxes

Many people still think that cats are the main culprit, but there are cycles that can spread Toxoplasma into a contagious disease. This is because there are several organisms that can infect a wide variety of mammals.

They can make them as an intermediate place. The interesting fact is that if cats have been infected with Toxoplasma, they will not catch the disease again. However, you must first keep your distance from the cat during pregnancy. You also have to more understanding about cat litter and pregnancy.

  1. Cleaning Cat Litter and Pregnancy

Cleaning cat litter has the right way to avoid parasites in it. The trick is not to make direct contact with the feces and use an intermediary tool. However, if you are pregnant, never clean cat feces yourself. You have to ask someone else to clean it because no one knows that the feces is contaminated with disease or not.

  1. Tips for Keeping a Cat during a Pregnant Program

However, raising cats is a pleasure because it can relieve stress. There are some tips to keep you healthy in raising a cat. One of them is to make sure to provide dry and canned food for cats to avoid raw meat. Check the cat regularly to the vet, and clean the cage until it is clean.

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Cat litter and pregnancy are two opposites because they have dangerous causes and effects. If you have ever felt this way, immediately go to the doctor for further consultation and make sure the cat is clean, well groomed, and healthy to stay at home.

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