Straighten Crooked Fence Post

Straighten Crooked Fence Post

Over time, a privacy fence's post may lean due to environmental conditions such as wind, soil erosion and excessive rain. The process to correct the situation is .
Do-it-yourself fence repairs will save you a substantial amount of money in repair bills. Never attempt to push the fence post up straight without first digging the .
I've got a row of 6X6in fence posts that are buried in concrete that I'm about to tackle building the panels for. One of them has warped out .
Regardless of the cause, it's important to straighten wayward posts before they start to pull the rest of the fence with them and require more costly repairs. As with .
I am thinking about screwing one end of a 2×4 to the fence post and then sticking the other end of the 2×4 into my yard so that the 2×4 is at a 45 .

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