Sphynx Cat with Hair

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sphynx cat with hair

sphynx cat with hairCats are cute balls of fur. Well, most of them at least. There are cat breeds that are hairless. One of these breeds is the Sphynx cat. You probably have seen one. That’s right. Those hairless cats with wrinkled skin. The question is, is there any Sphynx cat with hair? Just read on. You will know the answer.

About Cat’s Hair and Sphynx Cat

Before we tell you the answer to “Is there any Sphynx cat with hair?”, first let’s get to know about cat hairs. In general, cats have up to four types of hair. These are vibrissae, awn hair, guard hair, and down the hair.

  • Vibrissae

Vibrissae, better known as whiskers, are the hair that grows on a cat’s cheeks, muzzle, above eyes area, and its legs’ outer edges. Whiskers are sensory hairs that help a cat to measure where it can squeeze through.

  • Down hair

Down hairs are the silky soft hairs that form the insulating undercoat of a cat. They prevent heat loss in cold weather.

  • Awn hair

Out of all the hairs a cat has, the awn hair is the most visible one. Awn hairs are coarser and have darker tips. They protect the down hairs as well as help with insulation.

  • Guard hair

These are the long and coarse hairs which form the outer coat of a cat. Guard hairs are slightly oily, which helps to prevent water from penetrating the undercoat. Guard hairs also give the cat its color.

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Of these four hair types, Sphynx cats only have whiskers. Interestingly enough, Sphynx cats have a hair type that is not found on any other breeds. This hair is known as vellus. Vellus hair is very fine, similar to the hair that covers most of the human skin.

Sphynx Cat but with Hair?

Let’s s make it clear. Sphynx cats do have hair. They are almost completely bald, yes. However, they are not completely hairless. They do have and grow hair. If you don’t believe it, just try to see a Sphynx cat up close. Or, run your hand over the cat’s body. You will see or feel fine hairs on its body. These are vellus hairs.

These vellus hairs on the body of a Sphynx cat give the cat’s skin a soft and suede-like feel. Typically, a Sphynx cat also has hair on its tail, nose, and toes. So is there any Sphynx cat with hair? The answer is yes. All Sphynx cats have hair.

More about Sphynx Cat Hair

Another interesting thing about Sphynx cat’s hair is that it is possible to see a Sphynx cat grows extra hair than usual. Usually, a Sphynx cat will grow more hair if it experiences hormonal changes or cold weather. So yes, if the weather is cold, you may be able to see a Sphynx cat with hair.

Both of these causes can be inhibited, however. For cold weather, if you can make sure that your cat never feels cold, you can inhibit the growth of its hair. For hormonal changes, you can have your cat neutered or spayed.

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Because a Sphynx cat is almost completely hairless, taking care of it is a bit different from other cat breeds. When it comes to bathing, you need to bathe a Sphynx cat regularly every week. Hairless cats, including Sphynx cats, don’t clean themselves up. So bathing them is a must to keep them clean.

Bathing a Sphynx cat is necessary, even if the weather outside is cold. You shouldn’t skip it. In this case, you need to bathe the cat with warm water and dry it up using a soft and fluffy towel afterward.


If you see your Sphynx cat with hair, it indicates that your cat is feeling the cold weather. One way to take care of this situation is by clothing your cat. You can dress up your cat with some clothing like a jumper for example. This will help to keep it warm. One thing to note is that not all Sphynx cats like to wear clothing. If your cat doesn’t like it, find another alternative to keep it warm.


So, is there any Sphynx cat with hair? The answer is, all Sphynx cats have hair. It is just that their hair is so fine that they look hairless. Under certain circumstances, like hormonal changes or cold weather, Sphynx cats can grow longer hair. If your Sphynx cat grows hair, it is not something to be concerned about.

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