Smooth Wire Fence

Smooth Wire Fence

Here are some smooth wire installation tips and tricks to help your fencing project go smoothly, but don't forget you always have the option to download and print .
Use Bekaert's High Tensile 12.5 gauge Smooth Wire for a variety of applications. This galvanized 12.5g high tensile wire features a single-strand design that .
High Tensile Smooth Wire Fence. Controls all livestock and most predators – Eight or ten strands need not be electrified. For electric fence, two or more strands .
SMOOTH FENCING WIRE. Are you splicing high tensile smooth wire effectively ? The double loop knot commonly used for soft (low tensile), double-stranded .
must be prestretched or pretensioned to ensure the fence wire performs as a single. High tensile smooth wire (htsw) is used in fencing to overcome some of the .

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