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Siberian cats originate from Russia and the most easily recognizable features are their long, soft fur. This cat is suitable to be used as a domestic animal because it is comfortable indoors and likes to play with its owner. Go to find out the Siberian cat breeders near me to have beautiful cat-like Siberian ones. Here the things you should know about the cat and choosing the breeders.

Siberian Cat Breed Facts

  1. Body

Siberian has an athletic body. The hind legs are longer than the front, making it easier for them to move and run agile. Well-rounded paws, large tail, large ears are its specialty. The eyes look bright with a round shape. When you stare at it, Siberian cats seem cute.

The body size of the Siberian cats is medium. When they reach adulthood at 5 years of age, cats only weigh a maximum of 25 pounds. Growth and development are quite slow when compared to other cats. Even so, Siberian cats can move quickly even though their bodies are fat and large.

  1. Personality

Another Siberian cat breed facts are it’s kept indoors because of its not sharp instincts. However, the Siberian breed is adventurous paint so it might just be on top of your bookshelf. You need to be careful in placing things because he likes to climb objects that are in the house. Especially if there is an object that he likes, he will try to take it.

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Siberian cat likes to play with anyone, including other pets such as dogs. He is calm, sociable, and easy-going. However, he can be very wary of people who are not used to his daily life. To the owner, this cat likes to follow the owner’s steps, loyal but doesn’t ask for excessive attention.

Siberian Cat Characteristics

  1. Intelligence

Siberians are very smart cats. You can train it with various games to stimulate it. There are many ways you can do it, such as asking him to play puzzles and trick and treat. Another game you can do is hide and seek on a carpet that has many holes.

That is why you need to get Siberia from a trusted breeder. Siberian cat breeders near me usually have trained Siberians from kittens to litter at home. Cats with high levels of intelligence also rarely show their temperament. Make sure the breed has these characteristics.

  1. Wellness

Another Siberian cat characteristic is it has a high potential to inherit genetic traits from its mother. That is why, choose a breeder with a certificate or offer a certain warranty. While still a kitten, certain traits were not visible. Make sure you make a specific agreement with the breeder regarding this.

Choosing Siberian Cats Near Me

  1. Ask the certification

A reputable Siberian cat breeder near me is sure to have a reputation for performance and health. You also need to find out if your cat has a genetic problem. If the breeder doesn’t have it, then avoid the breeder. Unknown origins may disappoint you later. The reputable ones also have an ethics code that must be obeyed, that they won’t send the kitten to sale.

  1. Find their website

In an era like this, it’s impossible if the breeder doesn’t have a website. Although this does not guarantee the recommendation, at least you will see various testimonials regarding the breeder. If you find anomalies, don’t choose the breeder. Especially if the breeder places a claim that it is available for all kittens without wanting to do an interview first.

  1. Get the recommendations

The way to know the Siberian cat breeders near me is by asking for recommendations. Get these recommendations from trusted people like vet or pet stores. Usually, they have their own network and can provide you with a link to the breeder. Many ask questions then do your own searching, which breeders are suitable for you.

  1. The kitten is healthy

The kitten will be attracted to you. If the condition is weak, the ribs are felt when you touch it and smells in the nose or ears then suspect if the breeder is not taking care of it properly. The eye condition should also be bright without irritation or swelling. The bottom of the cat also needs to be checked, if it is dirty usually the cat has diarrhea.

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There are many things that need to be done when choosing the Siberian cat breeders near me. Choose those who are trusted and treat cats very well. Ask many people for recommendations because this will affect the habits and characteristics of the Siberian cat as an indoor cat and has an adventurous nature.

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