Saw Blade For Cutting Vinyl Fencing

Saw Blade For Cutting Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is often hollow, making cutting it difficult when using a circular saw regardless of the teeth on the blade. As the teeth bite in to the vinyl they cause it .
In general, any sharp, medium- or fine-toothed saw blade can be used to cut vinyl lattice, according to U.S. Fence. A carbine blade is also a good choice.
Vinyl fencing can be cut just like wood. Preferably use a circular saw with a PVC blade or a sharp and straight fine-tooth carbide blade. If your saw blade is designed for rough cutting lumber and dull, it could shatter the vinyl. This is especially true if the vinyl is cold.
These include fences, deck rails and porch or stairway railings, all of which are. The best blades for cutting vinyl railing are carbide tip blades.. Some saw manufacturers produce specialty blades specifically designed for cutting vinyl.
If you need to adjust the vinyl panels, cut them in the same way you would cut. Turn on the chop saw and bring the rotating blade down onto the vinyl fence .
Not so friendly with the power saw – it tends to chip and it melts to the saw.. made a huge difference. no more chipping and no more melted plastic on the saw blade. Does anyone have any other tips for cutting vinyl fencing?
Malco's Vinyl Cutting Circular Saw blades come in three different models, VCB1,. of cutting applications including vinyl siding and vinyl fence posts and rails.

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