Rot Resistant Wood Fence Posts

Rot Resistant Wood Fence Posts

Instead, use heartwood, because it's denser and more insect-resistant.. If your cedar wooden fence posts are rotting at the bottom, you need to replace them.
Who could I call if I believe my neighbors wooden fence is rotting and causing me health problems? 1,570 Views · How do you install a wood fence with metal posts?. Pressure-treated wood is basically water-resistant, but it's not water-proof .
The reason posts often rot at ground level and break off is simply because this is. as eastern white cedar and black locust—are naturally resistant to decay fungi,. When choosing wood for fence posts, check the end tag to confirm that the .
The most common failure is wood rot at ground level, which leads to a lack of support and causes the post/fence to tip over.
As far as wood in the ground, the heartwood will usually be more resistant to decay than the sapwood, so take that into consideration when .

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