Replace Picket Fence Post

Replace Picket Fence Post

Steps. Disconnect the post from any fence panels or wires. Dig a hole around 1 side of the fence post. Rock the post back and forth to break up the surrounding ground. Lift loose posts up by hand. Use a jack to remove your post if it's stuck. Clear the hole of any post and concrete remains.
Pull the fence section away from the rotted post. 7. Remove the rotted fence post and dig out any wood left in the fencepost hole. Toss the soil and rotted wood .
Repairing a wooden fence post or replacing it if a repair can't be done. How to remove the old post and fit a new one.
To replace a fence post, you simply detach the fence, pull the post out of the ground, set a new post and reattach the fence. That doesn't sound complicated, but .

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