Pea Fence

Pea Fence

Visit us to learn more about our Pea Fence. Plant seeds closer and reap more growing space with our Pea Fence. This sturdy gardening aide features reusable .
Flexible, long-lasting, galvanized wire fence allows closer planting and easier picking. Folds flat for easy storage. Great for peas and cucumbers. Two 7' x 40" .
The Pea Fence provides an easy, sturdy support system for all of your English peas and field peas. The trellis has hinged panels that you can conform to any .
This is the perfect support or trellis-fence for garden peas, as well as a handy way of showing off flowering sweet peas and other short vines! Composed of 2 sets .
This long-lasting, 8 inch mesh galvanized wire fence prevents plants from tangling and spreading on the ground. The hinged 14 inch panels have 6 inch spikes .
Our expandable fence supports peas, cucumbers, tomatoes and other climbing plants while it keeps valuable fruit and vegetables off the ground and away from .
Using a fence to train your peas allows for closer planting, easier picking and heavier yields. This 8" mesh, galvanized wire fence prevents plants from tangling .
Save space in your garden or raised beds with our Pea Fence! Peas will grow in smaller, more compact spaces when you add the Pea Fence to your garden.
Handy pea fence prevents plants from tangling so you can plant closer. It also makes picking peas easier. Just plant peas at the base of the fence. Each fence .

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