Name for Calico Cat

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name for calico cat

name for calico catDid you just adopt a Calico cat? If you did, congratulations. Calico cats are unique cats. They are so unique you won’t be able to find two cats that share the exact fur. Of course, you need to come up with a unique name for Calico cat. Don’t worry. We can help you. Here, we have a list of names for your new pet. Before that, let’s get to know a bit more about the lucky cat first.

Calico Cat Is Not a Breed

The name Calico does not refer to a single breed of cat. Instead, it refers to the color variations in a cat’s coat. The most common color variations are black, white, and orange. That said, there are Calico cats that have bluish-black, chocolate brown, cream, or even red in their coats, too. Calico cats can be found in many breeds, such as Cornish Rex, Maine coon, Persian, and American shorthair, among others.

Most Calico Cats Are Female

The X chromosome is the one responsible for the color variations in Calico cats’ coats. This is why 99.9% of Calico cats are female. Male calicos do exist, but they are incredibly rare (only 1 in 3000). Not to mention they are sterile, too.

And They Can’t Be Bred

Calico cats have unique genetic makeup. There is also the fact that the males are born sterile. This is the reason why Calico cats cannot be bred. Nature produces these multi-colored kittens randomly.

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No Single Personality

Calico cats can be found in various breeds. As such, they don’t share common traits, personalities, temperaments, and tendencies. So yes, there is no single personality traits among Calico cats. If you want to know the personality of a certain Calico cat, read up on her breed instead. That way, you will know its traits, personality, temperaments, and tendency.

The Lucky Cat

Calico cats are rare, this is especially so with male ones. Not surprisingly, these colorful cats are considered a good luck charm in many cultures. In the U.S., Calicos are known as the “money cat” In Japan, Calicos are believed to bring good luck.

Top Names for Calico Cats

Below, we have a list of names for the Calico cat. The names on the list are unusual. Some are simple, some are fun, but all are cute. Let’s take a look.

  1. BFF

Pronounced Biff, calling your Calico cat BFF shows that she is your best feline forever. Isn’t that appropriate?

  1. Canvas

Take a look at the coat of Calico cats. Many of them look like they are painted. So, why not give an appropriate name for Calico cat-like “Canvas”?

  1. Huntress

An unusual name for Calico cat, but it fits most Calicos. Playful when they are kittens, Calicos are avid mouse hunters when they are adults.

  1. Quirk

Is your Calico quirky? That’s not something to be surprised about. After all, Calico cats are said to be more than other colored cats. Calling her “Quirk” would suit her.

  1. Lola

It is estimated that 99.9% of Calico cats are female. Because of this, a name that gives a very feminine vibe like “Lola” suits Calico cats well. Not to mention that many cat owners say that calling their cats “Lola” works. Meaning, their cats respond when being called.

  1. Dot

Calico cats come in various colors and patterns. If yours have small, rounded color patches, giving her a name like “Dot” is a good idea. It sounds quite cute, too.

  1. Camo

If you want to be more playful with the name for Calico cat, call your Calico cat “Camo”. This refers to her coat, which looks like a camouflage pattern.

  1. Papaya

Want a fruit-inspired color? Try “Papaya” if your cat has a vivid orange color on her coat.

  1. Catty

This one is a play on words. This simple yet fun name works for just about any cat, including Calico cats.

  1. Cuddles

Calico cats are very loving. Calling your Calico “Cuddles” reflects that.

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Do you find a unique name for Calico cat? You can name your Calico cat anything you like. If you haven’t found one that suits your Calico cat yet, consider the fact that most Calico cats are female. So, you can start with feminine and sweet names (like Lola, for example). You can also use the colors in your Calico cat to name them (for example, Canvas, because they look like they are painted), too.

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