How To Tighten Up Barbed Wire Fence

How To Tighten Up Barbed Wire Fence

I have seen people twist the wire to take up a lot of slack but I think that weakens. How To Tighten a Fence.
Instructional video on how to fix a break and tighten a barbed wire fence using number 9 wire and a claw.
Jakes Wire Tighteners.. Tighten four barb wire in less than a minute. Up next. How to use a claw hammer.
TightAs wire strainer for restraining old tired fences. Seen here pulling the slack out of old barbed wire.
A quick and cheap method of tightening old barb wire.
Stretching Barbed Wire Proper wire tension is of key importance to a good fence. This video demonstrates.
Jake's Wire Tighteners – tighten four barb wire in less than a minute. Visit
Any wire fence can be tricky to tighten, but a barbed wire fence is not only tricky to tighten, its barbs can hurt you if you're not careful. To tighten your barbed wire .
WireTight is a uniquely effective barbed wire tightener that weights 3 lbs and is only 17 inches long. The WireTight design allows 6 inches of slack to be taken up .

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