How To Stretch Woven Wire Fence On Uneven Ground

How To Stretch Woven Wire Fence On Uneven Ground

But on net wire fence that requires a good seal with the ground its a real. . We do a lot of woven wire field fence (6" box) on hills, stretch tight .
I am wanting to use woven wire to do this but don't want to dig or have to. The biggest problem with uneven terrain is that the fence wants to pull out. Most of a (stretched) fence's strength is in the corners; everything else is .
I'm going to bid a job that requires woven field type fence, but I've. . hills or uneven ground, you have to travel the length of wire to make sure it .
(2) tension or pull in stretching the wire fence. In order to. The tests were made with woven wire fence. are applicable to all types of wire fence on curved lines or differem soil. than building a straight fence which goes over uneven ground.

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