How To Stretch Chain Link Fence Tension Wire

How To Stretch Chain Link Fence Tension Wire

Adding tension wire to a chainlink fence provides stability and security from dogs. The wire holds the chain link in place low to the ground very tightly so that it. Repeat for each stretch of fence between terminal poles around the fence line.
Chain link fence bottom tension wire is stretched using a come-a-long and cable puller, or with a T-Bar. It is stretched on the outside of the fence enclosure.
In general for residential chain link fences, dig holes 6" in diameter by 30" deep ( or below frost line. . Once chain link is stretched, the bottom tension wire will be.
Install optional tension wire along the bottom to help keep pets from squeezing under the fence. 3. Run the wire along the outside of the posts and connect it to the rail band on the other terminal post. Install the tension wire clips or hog ring clips about every 2' on the tension wire.

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