How To Repair Chain Link Fence

How To Repair Chain Link Fence

Method 2. Repairing the Chain Mesh. Use pliers to detach the top rail's wire ties. Remove the lower wire ties to free the damaged wires. Pull the wires up from the fence to remove them. Cut the chain link fabric to size. Weave the new wires into the fence. Tie the wire to the top rail. Tighten the chain link mesh.
Start by removing the wire ties that hold the fence fabric to the top rail. Then rest the new rail on top of the damaged rail and have your helper hold it in place while you mark a cutting line on the old rail. Then mark a cut on the opposite end of the new rail where it meets a joint.
You may need to conduct repairs to a chain link fence for a number of reasons: a tree fell on it during a storm, it was cut by trespassers, or it stretched and .
They are especially effective against animals, but that effectiveness will wane when a hole appears in the chain link fence. There is no reason to replace the .
Chain link is a common material used to erect fencing because of its durability and relatively low cost compared to other fencing materials. Most chain link is .

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