How To Pull Fence Posts

How To Pull Fence Posts

How to Pull Fence Posts

Pulling a fence post is not easy. You need a lot of strength to do that, or you can use the smart way. You can use a jack as one way of how to pull fence posts. Here are the steps to pull fence posts using a jack.

Start with digging the area around the post. If you poured concrete around the post, make sure you also break some parts of the concrete. This one is important to ease your work later on. Find something that you can use as the support of your jack. Make sure the support is strong enough. You can use four inches block as the support of how to pull fence posts using the jack.

Find a chain long enough to wrap the pos for four to five times. Make sure you wrap it on the lowest possible positions of the post. Set the chain to the jack and start using the jack. Slowly but sure, you will be able to pull that post. Do this to the other posts that you want to pull.

For your information, those things might look easy. However, you still need quite a strength. That is because when you find a concrete below the post, it is not going to be easy. So, you need to be patient when you are learning how to pull fence posts using the jack.

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