How To Pull Cemented Fence Posts

How To Pull Cemented Fence Posts

Method 1. Using a Rope and Board. Assess the status of the fence post. Dig a trench around the post using a shovel. Soak the remaining soil. Rock the post in place. Nail it. Tie it up. Create a lever to help extract the post. Attach the rope to the end of the board closest to the post.
Pull Wooden Fence Posts Set in Concrete WITH NO DIGGING! Step 1: Gather Some Simple Materials. For my / your post puller, you will need. Step 2: Build Your One Handed Post Puller. Step 3: Attach Puller to Old Post. Step 4: Add Your Fulcrum. Step 5: Pull Yer Post! Step 6: Tough to Reach Posts. Step 7: Thanks. 147.
Learn the fastest and easiest way to remove a fence post (and concrete footing) without digging or expensive tools.
How To Remove A Fence Post In Under 5 Minutes Without Digging . making a wood jig & using a. .. How to Pull a Cemented Fence Post out with a Car Jack.
Fence removal is labor-intensive work, and it's even harder when your fence posts are set in concrete. However, there are a few strategies you can use to get .

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