How To Paint Wrought Iron Fence

How To Paint Wrought Iron Fence

Steps. Prepare to remove the rust from the wrought iron fence. Take a durable steel brush, steel wool, or high grit sandpaper and start removing the rust. Wash the fence with mineral spirits. Rinse with water. Prime the fence. Let the primer dry. Make sure you have a paint that is strictly for metal surfaces. Paint the.
You may paint your wrought iron fences with most any type of paint; however, certain types will prove more durable in the long run. More important than the type .
I have approximately 350' of wrought iron fence and a large gate that is beginning to rust badly! I'm not sure what method to strip existing paint, stop rusting .
Painting a Wrought Iron Fence. Scrub the fence gently with a wire brush to remove all traces of rust. Sand the wrought iron surface using medium-grit sandpaper. Wipe down the wrought iron with a clean, dry rag. Cover items in the surrounding area with a tarp or drop cloth to protect them from the primer and paint.

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