How To Paint A Wooden Fence

How To Paint A Wooden Fence

Method 2. Painting with Brushes. Choose the right paint. Your fence paint should be safe for exterior use and use on wood. Test your paint on a small portion of the fence. Apply a layer of primer. Paint the fence. Fill in any spots you missed. Add another layer of paint if necessary.
We moved into our home a little more than 5 years ago and were lucky to have a wonderful fence around our backyard. Our house is built in a curve in the road .
Wooden fences, sheds, playhouses and other outdoor structures are constantly battling against our British weather. Stop them looking grey and tired, as well as .
Improve your garden by painting your wooden fence to keep it looking fresh. Discover the tools & tips you need on how & when to paint in the Homebase guide.
How to Paint a Wooden Fence. Brush Dirt off Fence. Brush the fence thoroughly with a wire brush to remove any dust and dirt from its surface. Start Painting from Top. Using a large paint brush and a suitable exterior wood fence paint, start applying paint at the top and work your way down in sections. Complete..
Prepare the surface of the picket fence for painting. Begin by washing down your fence with a high-pressure water cleaner to remove any flaking paint and surface grime. Once the timber dries, scrape and sand your pickets to smooth down any remaining paint. Reach in with a sheet of sandpaper to clean up the edges.

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