How To Paint A Wood Fence With A Sprayer

How To Paint A Wood Fence With A Sprayer

To spray trellis portion of fence, set the FLEXiO paint sprayer to horizontal spray pattern and spray from side to side starting at the top. Move slowly enough to make sure you cover all the nooks, crannies and edges of the intricate cut work.
Prepare the surface of the picket fence for painting. Begin by washing down your fence with a high-pressure water cleaner to remove any flaking paint and surface grime. Prepare to spray the picket fence. For paint to work with a spray gun, it needs to be slightly diluted. Spray paint the pickets on the fence.
Painting a wood fence is a really easy job when you do it with a Paint Sprayer. Check how to Paint Wood Fence by paint sprayer.
Tools You Need to Paint a Wood Fence. 1. Paint Sprayer (I used this one.) 2. Paint or Stain of your choice 3. Extension Cord, depending on the size of your .
Painting a fence might seem a tedious task, but an airless painting sprayer will relieve you of hours of work. The finish on your fence will be close to flawless, .

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