How To Paint A Fence Using A Sprayer

How To Paint A Fence Using A Sprayer

Prepare the surface of the picket fence for painting. Begin by washing down your fence with a high-pressure water cleaner to remove any flaking paint and surface grime. Prepare to spray the picket fence. For paint to work with a spray gun, it needs to be slightly diluted. Spray paint the pickets on the fence.
When spraying lighter materials like stains, select the lowest pressure setting that enables you to maintain a good spray pattern. Lower pressure settings will give you better control and a finer finish. Apply paint or stain by spraying along each board lengthwise, following the grain of the wood.
Unless you're painting a small fence section, you'll save money by buying paint in five-gallon buckets and using a FLEXiO 990. It is quick to set up the sprayer .
Painting your fence has been made easy with the Dulux RapidFinishTM multipurpose spray unit, so you can spend less time painting than if using a brush or roller.
Using an airless fence painting sprayer can become tiring to your wrist and hand because you must keep your hand moving all the time you are pressing the .
Using a paint sprayer instead of traditional rollers or brushes allows you to save time,. and interior projects, especially doors and cabinets, siding and fences.

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