How To Make Vines Grow On Fence

How To Make Vines Grow On Fence

In order to cover a large area of fencing, you could plant a vine plant every foot or so. Otherwise, in order to use fewer plants you will need to train the vine to grow up and along the fence. You can use string, plant tape, or rubber bands to curve your vine in the direction you would like it to grow.
Growing vines to cover a wooden fence is an easy, low-maintenance way to add color and interest to your garden or yard. Whether you've made your own .
Vines create a sheltered bridge for all kinds of critters, including termites.. He's growing a few along an iron fence, and in time they will cover the entire length of .
Arrange the potted plants along the fence line, separating the climbing vines with. Set the vines into the holes, making sure to tip them back toward the fence.

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