How To Keep Dogs Away From Fence Line

How To Keep Dogs Away From Fence Line

Put a stop to fence-running, fence-fighting, and barking. If your dog is just beginning to display barrier frustration, take steps immediately to eliminate his opportunities to practice the behavior. Build a solid fence to prevent your dog from being able to see the things that arouse him and trigger his barking.
Tip 3: Back to Basics. Recall. Useful to call your dog away from triggers (such as the neighbor dog being let outside). Settle. Helps your dog “calm down” on cue. Some people prefer to use the “quiet” command. Sit/stay. Useful for keeping your dog otherwise occupied when a barking trigger is nearby.
Is your dog acting like a hooligan, running and barking at your fence line?. dog's not the only dog on the block running and barking at the fence – far from it.

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