How To Keep Deer Out Of Garden Without Fence

How To Keep Deer Out Of Garden Without Fence

Here are some of my most useful observations when it comes to fencing deer out of the garden: Stockade fences work better than those the deer can see through. Sometimes the best fence is no fence at all. Go electric. Double fence layers work like a charm. Use “invisible” deer netting. Fence individual plants.
So, knowing I don't want to build a huge fence for a small hobby-level garden, how should I keep deer out? I live in a fairly urban Oakland, CA neighborhood, .
How to Protect Your Trees and Plants from Deer. Eliminate deer attractants. Keep deer-attracting plants closer to your home. Maintain your landscape. Spray them with a motion activated sprinkler. Add levels to your yard. Let your dog spend plenty of time in the yard. Use plants and shrubs as taste-based repellents.
Equally, be aware of which plants are likely to tempt deer to your yard.. such as branches or netting, otherwise some deer can jump this with no problems.. Fencing is the only truly effective way to keep deer out of areas you wish to protect.
Learn how to keep deer out of your garden at This Old House.. Make sure fences are at least 8-feet high with no more than 6-inch by 6-inch gaps. Electric .

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