How To Install Snow Fence

How To Install Snow Fence

Correct placement is essential in installing effective snow fencing. Incorrect placement can make the snow drift problem worse. Fence posts should be spaced no more than 8 feet apart for 4 ft. snow fences. End posts should be 6 ft. or less from the adjacent post.
How to Install a Snow Fence. Raising a snow fence in front of your house, driveway or road can redirect the snow to fall short of heavily trafficked areas.
Bury the fence posts 1/3 of their height and place them no more than 8 feet (2.5 meters) apart [source: doityourself]. Set up the plastic mesh against the posts. Pull the mesh fencing taut to prevent sagging, and attach it to the upwind side of the posts, using fence ties and support wire.
Snow fencing is easy to install. These fences can be created using a number of different types of materials. A few examples are living, plastic and wooden snow .
Common mistakes in locating and constructing snow fences limit their usefulness. Construction depends on whether the installation is portable or permanent.

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