How To Extend A Chain Link Fence

How To Extend A Chain Link Fence

Attach new chain link fence fabric to the new posts and top rails, using a fence with a width that is equal to the new fence height. You must attach new tension bands to the corner and end posts, lay the fencing on the ground and slide a tension bar through the links at the end of the fencing sections.
Use approximately 36 to 50 inches of welded wire, attached to the fence with galvanized wire. Bend approximately 12 inches of the wire from the top and slant at a 90 degree angle inward to deter anyone or pets from climbing out. You may need to add T posts in several sections for support. This will extend the height.
Roll out the fencing and attach it to the top of your chain link fence. You can attach it with lengths of pre-cut wire ties or pieces of baling wire. Baling wire comes in a roll and you can snip it to the desired length. Below you can see the mesh fencing attached to the top of the chain link fence.
A chain link fence provides a good way to mark your property and to keep animals and humans away from designated areas of your property. However, if you . : Extend-A-Post – Extensions for Chain Link Fence – Set of 9 (1-3/8") : Garden & Outdoor.
It consists of *2* END post extensions to fit a 1-7/8" or 2" post. These allow you to increase the height of your chain link fence by up to 2' without digging up and .
It is clear that extending a chain link fence need several steps, and you need the tools and to pay attention.

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