How To Clean A Wood Fence Without Pressure Washing

How To Clean A Wood Fence Without Pressure Washing

Whether your fence is wood, metal or vinyl, it will eventually get dirty and may. Plain water from a powerful garden hose nozzle or a gentle pressure washer is .
There are several ways to clean a wooden fence without pressure washing. Check the best & most effective tricks suggested by the team at Barnard Fencing!
With a few simple repairs, a thorough wash with a power washer, and a. Then apply an exterior wood oil fence stain to preserve this new layer of wood.. To avoid damaging the pump, don't run the power washer without first filling the. If it's hard to pull the start cord, pull the wand trigger to release the water pressure.
Using a pressure washer to clean a wood fence. Wood fences need to be cleaned and sealed or stained.

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