How Far Away To Put Snow Fence

How Far Away To Put Snow Fence

How Far Away to Put Snow Fence

There are some people asking how far away to put snow fence. It is because they want to protect their house from the snow. Yet they do not know the proper calculation to install the snow fence. If you are thinking of installing a snow fence, there are two things that you need to know about the distance. The first one is the length of your fence and the second is the distance of the fence from the protected area.

The calculation is actually simple. If you are building a snow fence of eight feet high, then you will need the minimum of 8 x 20 feet for the length of your snow fence. That means the answer of how far away to put snow fence for eight feet fence is about 160 feet.

The second is the distance from the area that you want to protect. This one is another simple calculation because the number is the same. For example, if you want to protect your house from the snowdrift using eight feet fence. It means you need the minimum distance of 160 feet from the snow fence to your house. This is the calculation that you have to follow.

From the calculation below, you have learned about the proper distance of how far away to put snow fence. That is why before you set the distance, you have to know the height of your snow fence first. After that, you can set the distance properly.

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