Himalayan Cat Adoption

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Neither siamese nor persian, himalayan cat is the popular breed in the world. This one is best for accompanying you. Why don’t you do himalayan cat adoption?

The Himalayan cat is often thought of as a Persian or ragdoll cat. Even though all three have differences, those are not the big ones. Himalayan is the result of a breeding between Persians and Siamese, so the three have a close relationship. This cat is often referred to as himmie as another name. Here is a lot you need to know befor doing the himalayan cat adoption.

Facts About Himalayan Cat

  1. Once considered a Persian cat

In the 1950s, this cat was still considered a Persian cat as the color point. This cat was very popular in several European states at that time. But before long, this cat was registered as a different breed from Persian and was given the name Himalayan cat. These differences are caused by characters, personalities and shapes which are slightly different from Persian.

  1. Color point

Color point is one of the facts about himalayan cat that distinguishes Himalayan and Persian. Not all body parts of the Himalayan are dark in color. This dark color is only in a few parts of the body such as ears, face, legs and tail. This is the similarity between the Himalayan and Siamese. Dark colors or point colors owned by this cat include blackish brown, lilac, red flame or brown.

  1. Body

The Himalayan body takes part in both Persian and Siamese. Round body shape, similar to Persian, as well as short legs. Despite its round body, this cat is slim and strong. While sleeping, its body still looks elegant, similar to the Siamese breed. Its tail neither short nor long, since it’s medium length for the cat category.

  1. Face

What makes this cat unique is its face shape. Himalayan breed has a flat face when we look at it from the side. The face shape is divided into two forms, such as  doll face and ultra face. Doll face still has a flat nose shape. Meanwhile, ultra face is when the nose doesn’t protrude at all. Sometimes it looks like an angry cat but it’s just its face form, not the personality.

  1. Long life span

Himmies can live for 15 years or more so it’s best side of himalayan cat adoption. In order to live long, you need to adjust their diet. Himmies also requires regular exercise both running and jumping. You can provide various types of games so that the himmies move a lot. If it is overweight, usually his life will be short. Since it can live long, himmies are perfect as family cat.

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Himalayan Cat Personality Traits

  1. Quiet one

The Himalayan cat is a very calm cat. It doesn’t ask the owner much attention. It likes to play alone, especially if there is a corner to play with. However, when it has a little voice and his eyes are on the owner, it means that the cat is starting to feel lonely. It likes it when the owner picks it up and puts it on his lap. That simple attention was what Himmie liked.

  1. Friendly

Himmies are also friendly cats. After himalayan cat adoption is done, it will quickly adapt to those around him, including children. However himmie did not like children who were active chasing him. That is why, Himmie is very suitable when children are teenagers. The Himalayan is also open to other pets such as dogs or cats.

  1. Intelligent

If you train him often, you will have a smart Himalayan cat. This is ithe best himalayan cat personality traits. Create various challenges and tricks so that he will be trained. You can give him a treat as a gift. He likes training like this, especially playing puzzles.

Himalayan Cat Adoption Process

To adopt a cat, himalayan cat adoption process takes quite a long time. First of all, you need to choose an adoption center that provides adoption options. If you have found it, you will need to fill out the application form. The adoption center may also conduct a background check on your suitability to maintain a Himalayan.

If you meet these criteria, the adoption center will visit your house while bringing the cat. It can take a long time for a cat to really believe in human. If the cat begins to adapt and there are no problems with this, you can have the cat.

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In addition to understanding things related to the cat, you also need to know their personalities before carrying out the Himalayan cat adoption. Adoption takes longer than buying. Create a comfortable space for the cat in the house. That way, the himmies will have a long life to accompany you.

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